Observations while on the road

I found a couple other things out last night.  The first one is that there are no self-serve gasoline stations in New Jersey.  It is all full-serve.  While that might not come as a shock to some, it did to me.  Others might wonder why I prefer self-serve and I do for two reasons.  The first is that I was much quicker at figuring out the complex pump (heh…push the button for the fuel grade.  Whew, that’s hard) and getting gas into my car, than the amount of time that it took for the attendant to come over.  By the time the attendant came over, my tank was full and I was ready to pay them.  The second reason that I like self-serve is that I don’t “top off” my tank.  I think it’s pointless… why would I risk having the little bit of gas that I can fit in my tank get gobbled up by the nozzle, when that amount of gas really wont matter when I make my next stop.

The other thing that I wanted to comment on has to do with geeks and soda.  I’m guessing that Microsoft has a deal with Coca Cola because they only served Coke products.  They had diet Coke, Coke, and Sprite.  No more, no less…  The thing that made me curious was how many people actually prefer those products over say… Mountain Dew or even water.  I was always under the assumption that geeks preferred Mt. Dew, but maybe I’m a bit biased… I do not like Coke and would not have grabbed a bottle last night had there been another free choice for a caffeine supply.  Personally, I’m a water man… if I must; I’ll have Mt. Dew or root beer if looking for some flavor.

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  1. Yeah, I forgot to mention that after I was told that I can’t fill my tank, I then noticed a little sign saying it was unlawful. Also, according to the attendant, Oregon is supposed to be the same way. That is just a weird law, I think…

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