Puff the Magic Dragon revealed…

I’m sitting at my computer right now, sort of recovering from an interesting night of drinking.  So many things went on last night including, but not limited to a water fight, dancing around an overturned jeep (probably thinking I was helping), head butting a girl (not on purpose), attending a random 30th birthday party, and sliding down a grass hill.  Oh and somewhere in there, I made it to four or five bars…

Anyway, somehow I began thinking of Puff the Magic Dragon and decided to Google for it.  I came across this newsgroup entry that sort of clears up the urban legend of Puff the Magic Dragon.  I was always brought up to believe that it was about smoking pot, but it’s somewhat interesting to find out that it wasn’t originally intended to be taken that way.

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  1. i was always brought up to think it was about loss of childhood and such froth so when people told me it was about marijuana i was shocked. Of corse i reserched it (as a adore the song) and found out that it was not infact. how can people change such a beautiful childhood poem into a sick meaning? it really does devestate me.

    yet so many people think that its about pot.

    heres a good site.


  2. There is so many sites and references about Puff, the magic dragon not being a song about marijuana that you have to think twice before saying it actually is. Anyhow, I, personally, think it is.

    The facts I base on? Check out the lyrics:

    Puff, the magic dragon,

    Lived by the sea

    And frolicked in the autumn mist

    In a land called Honah Lee.

    Little Jackie Paper

    Loved that rascal Puff,

    And brought him strings and sealing wax

    And other fancy stuff.


    In a land called Honah Lee.

    Together they would travel

    We all know what people automatically refer to when you say a puff, but there’s more than that. They qualifie him as magic, but what really intrests me is how lots of random words just lead a path to marijuana. Why is little Jackie’s last name Paper? How random, unless it refers to the little paper in which you roll marijuana. Then it says that Paper liked the dragon (they had to be together) and they qualifie the dragon as rascal. An other thing I’d like to add is that if this was a child song, why would Jackie bring string and sealing wax? How is that fancy? I personally see a connection to how you close/seal a joint. There is also a reference to a ‘trip’ they do together.

    Finally, I would like to add that this is MY PERSONAL interpretation. I do not claim it is the right one but I would like to have answers and do not hold yourself from answering. Be clear and explain yourself if you do not approve what I just wrote.

    Waiting for answers

    Isabelle B.R.

    P.S. Sorry for spelling miskates, English isn’t my first language.

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