Update after surgery

I’ve been in more pain than I thought I would be, from surgery.  I got to the hospital around 11:00am and entered the prep area around 12:00 or so… I didn’t get moved into the operating room until 1:20 or so.  After that, I was out of it.  I woke up to immense pain in the recovery room, which was dulled rather quickly by some morphine.  I sort of dozed in and out of consciousness (I remember listening to the nurses talk about how ducks procreated) and was able to move around (slowly) by about 5:00.  Rachel was very nice for sitting there the whole time, and then going and getting my prescription (Demerol) filled, etc. 

The first night, I slept entirely on my back, after spending a couple hours on the couch (on my back).   Friday was much the same…  I’ve been amusing myself with OnDemand and various movies.  Friday night was similar to Thursday night, where I only felt comfortable on my back.  I think I tried moving to one side, while in bed, but that only lasted a few minutes due to generally feeling uncomfortable. 

Saturday was generally a lazy day, but I noticed that I felt a little better.  Getting up and sitting down didn’t hurt as much as it did the previous two days.  I was a little more active, and actually checked some email.  Saturday night was interesting… I felt pretty comfortable sleeping on a side, but one drawback is that I woke up sleeping on my stomach.  Generally, I would prefer to sleep like that, but I didn’t wake up in the most comfortable ways.  I’m not sure how I ended up like that, but I do know that attempting to roll back over hurt quite a bit.  It felt like I was tugging on the staples (securing the incision).  Otherwise, as far as food is concerned… I haven’t been eating much, but I have been drinking quite a bit of water.  I had some soup Thursday… a bagel and a burrito (tuna helper… yum) for Friday.  Saturday I only had a bagel and a small wrap (shrimp & chicken).

To make a long story short, I got up today feeling even better.  I even felt good enough to wash myself and do some laundry… I’ve been attempting to be more productive with my daily tasks.  Right now, I’m installing the Visual Studio 2005 May CTP on a VirtualPC Windows 2003 image.  I’ve gotten to the point of wanting to play around with these new tools.  Installation is pretty slow, though…

One other point to make…  I’ve been visiting Asp.Net forums v2 quite a bit, in anticipation of it’s release.  I’ve noticed that they now support forums that grab content from RSS feeds.  That is just kick ass… I see that as an excellent way to mark bug reports in conjunction with RSS feeds from the Draco Web Viewer.  When a new release is built, the RSS feed will be updated, and a new thread will be started in the forums… I’m really looking forward to using this software package!