Not only the name of a great song from Blind Melon, but it is also what is happening around me right now.  Lets see… I went to the eye doctor this morning after some irritation last week.  It turns out that I have an eye infection in both eyes.  So I get to take drops & not wear contacts this week.  Also, I’ve decided to drive back to Milwaukee on Friday, so that should be quite a joy (especially without a car radio). 

Here are some interesting things to note:

·        How to make a bootable usb memory stick

·        SourceSafe power toys

·        BlogWave – Publish Sharepoint lists & libraries as RSS feeds

Other than that, I’ve been working on a Microsoft Outlook add-in.  More information to come, but this is definitely in the works and I’m actually planning out the design before jumping into the code.  Also, I would expect this site to go down towards the end of the week.  If all things go well & work out, it could be up again by the weekend… if not, it could be down for over a month.  Consider this an early warning 🙂