A random thought for a Friday afternoon…

Every day I grow; the world becomes a little smaller… It wasn’t that
long ago that I thought of the world as an infinte adventure… It’s
becoming more apparent to me that the world doesn’t move as rapidly as
I once thought.   I think that this trend will reverse once I
hit a certain age, though.  I think I’ll become more apprehensive
towards leaving my comfort area (home, city, country, etc…)

When I was growing up, I thought we’d have flying cars and amazing health care at this point… damn movies

What I didn’t realize is that there is a process that everything must
go through before it is unleashed to the general public.  That
process is the thing that ultimately slows innovation… it is also the
thing that keeps safety (arguable) and consistency in products… so you
get the good with the bad, I guess.