Feel that dull sensation?

I am going to try something… hopefully it will spread through the six degrees of separation…

I want to see how the general public feels about an issue, without
resorting to the normal news outlets.  I feel that the majority of
news outlets throughout the world report on the same issues. 
There is little creativity except for how to rephrase what the other
news outlets are saying.  So if you read this and find it either
strikes a nerve or makes you curious, please link to it, reproduce it,
or do whatever it takes to reach a couple more people. 

I would like to get a general opinion on why people think the US is
still involved in Iraq.  and generally the middle east, for that matter…

Here are a couple reasons, off the top of my head:

  1. Control over the majority of the world’s oil supply
  2. Public relations with political officials in surrounding countries.
    • If we’re nice to them maybe they’ll buy more weapons from us and fuel the war some more.
    • This way, we can convince to the American public that someone wants our military over there.
  3. To prove that we are the international bullies promoting “peace”
  4. To use it as a pivot point for that part of the world.
  5. An excuse not to address North Korea and/or China
  6. A great reason to keep dumping money into the black hole that is the defense budget(s)
  7. Something to keep our minds off the fact that Michael Jackson is a pedophile…
  8. News stations are required to have something to show… God forbid they show something positive, for a change…

Here are some reasons that just don’t fit with why we’re still there:

  1. Capture Saddam… uhm.. we did that
  2. Capture Bin
    Laden… apparently that isn’t at the top of the agenda for the current
    administration.  – This priority was twisted into the mess that
    we’re in now.  Rather than go after the one responsible for the NY
    disaster, our “leader” chose to finish his daddy’s dirty work.
  3. Spread the joy of capitalism…err democracy.  Think
    about it… does it really work for 90% of the population of the
    US?  Let the people who live there everyday come up with their own
    form of government.

Now, I’ve said this before and I want to say it now.  If we’re
keeping our presence over there to show how mighty we are, then it’s a
losing battle.  If we think people respect that kind of thing,
lets ask the locals how they feel.  I’m not saying that we go back
and play tapes of their response when we took Saddam from power. 
I say we get some true responses aired to the American public. 

So what can we do other than be at war?  I have a great
idea… one that can prove
other nations (and more importantly, future generations) that our
leaders can actually use that
glob of material between their ears.  I say we start a great
project or multiple projects.  Something grand in scale, like the
pyramids.  If war only exists to keep people working/productive,
then surely we can divert from that path and do something useful.

To completely show how ingenious we can be, I vote that
we build a giant sphere.  The government could dump billions of
dollars into research for how to develop a perfect sphere (materials,
design, possible uses, etc).  You know… all of that money they
spend trying to figure out how to make jets and weapons more
stealthy.  They could also employ thousands of
workers to work on the sphere.. figure at least a new town could be
started.  That would employ all of those serving overseas, if they
desire.  Consider this idea to be a modern
equivalent to the belief that Michelangelo drew a perfect circle as a
response to the request, made by Pope Julius II, to find someone worthy
to paint the Sistine Chapel.  Making a perfect sphere that can
last the test of time would not be an easy feat.

Now, any project would do… A new space race, for instance.  We
could actually challenge ourselves to establish a lunar colony within
5-10 years.  That is not far fetched, given the proper time and
resources.  Anyway, I just figured the sphere was a neat
idea.  Don’t you think that it would be nice to have something to
show for all of the hard work, rather than people who die before their
time, in a senseless war?  And yeah, I know that there is a
massive project
, but honestly, it doesn’t get the attention or
resources it deserves. 

Am I dreaming?  Probably, but it has been proven that anyone can change the world, if they want to…