From ah and uh to sugar in apple juice…

If some race (future or extraterrestrial) were to analyze a typical
conversation between two people or say a non-rehearsed radio show, they
would be pretty confused, I would think.  The fact that we insert
the useless “ah” or “uh” randomly, would throw them off…

Think if the Egyptians did that with their hieroglyphics… Maybe that’s why we have such a bitch of a time deciphering them.

The other thing that is on my mind this morning is about apple
juice.  I bought a 15.2 fl oz. bottle of Dole apple juice this
morning… I had heard that apple juice generally contains a lot of
sugars, but this one said “No Sugar Added” on the front.  Flipping
it over, I find that there are 24g of sugars helping to make up 9% of
my daily allowance, per serving.  There are two servings in the
bottle… To me, it seems like they should put “Lots of Sugar Added”
along the front.  But hey… I’ll give Dole the benefit of the
doubt.  I’ll accept that the sugars are natural sugars and apple
juice (squeezed from the apple, itself) contains them and would taste
like shit without them.  It just seems like tricky marketing
trying to tell the user that there is no sugar.

Now, to clear things up… I am not one to watch calories, sugars,
carbs, salts, fat, or whatever craze is popular for the moment.  I
generally eat what my body tells me it is hungry for.  Granted, I
use some intelligence with this… I abstain from eating a double
grande gyro with a side of nachos, at 3:00am cause I’m drunk.  I
realize that if I ate only fruit and veggies, I would be thinner, if
not “healthier.”  But that sucks… I like to live and enjoy what
the earth provides…