A sewer?

That’s what I thought when I talked with MKE… Anyway, they thought the idea was good enough to put it on their front cover

A couple things to note about this… Yes, I ate part of the corn dog
that is in my hand… it was yummy and I’d like one right now.  I
was wearing sandals at the time, so that made navigating the ladder in
the sewer sort of interesting.  The pictures were taken at dusk
(around 7:30 or 8:00pm).  Christine, the photographer, had a nice
setup to create cool lighting for the pictures.  Also, It was
pretty cold (around 50 degrees), but there was warm steam coming from
the sewer.  Other than that, I did about 30-40 pictures that
day… it was a fun time and I’d be interested in doing something like
that again.

btw, the sewer was a typical sewer outside of her apartment.