Just some venting…

I can’t deny that I’ve been a bit short with people as of late.  I
have noticed it at work and a family member mentioned it when I last
spoke to them.  I’m not completely sure what is causing this short
temper, but I imagine that stress is the major factor.

When it comes down to it, I feel the need to change my life/lifestyle
and I don’t think it’s happening quick enough for my
subconscious.  I really hope that it’s not that I’m getting burnt
out doing a tech job because I do like the creativity and challenges it
provides.  That aside, I must admit that I’ve really begun to
enjoy being outside during the day.  Though, I’m sure that part of
that is from the beautiful summer days that have been occurring lately.

I continually wonder what I would want to do if money didn’t matter but
so far I, unfortunately, haven’t come up with anything practical.

Anyway, I guess acknowledging that I’m aware of the situation is the
first step to fixing it.  Perhaps I should start meditating
again… that seemed to generally make me calm, when I did it on a
regular basis before.