A $40 cab ride to a closed restaurant

Yesterday, we ended up at an Irish pub to watch a soccer match between Liverpool and Manchester.  It was a pretty good game and the place served tasty cheeseburgers.  Afterwards, I got another Thai massage and then we headed toward the castle.  The castle was not as exciting as I had hoped, but the cathedral inside the castle was pretty amazing.  I even got to see a couple girls seductively posing with the cathedral.  The cathedral is Gothic with gold enhancements on the statues.


We were then interested in seeing some traditional folk dancing at U MARCANU, a restaurant in Prague 6.  It was closed, and unfortunately, the cab ride from the castle cost 1000 crowns (about $40).  Ah well, hopefully it’ll be open before we leave for Munich.


For nightlife, we went to a jazz club last night.  The performers were doing modern jazz and played two sets while we were there.  It seems that jazz is pretty popular in Prague, and I would recommend catching a show at one of the many jazz clubs if you get a chance.  Afterwards, we headed toward the Old Town Bridge for some discotecs.  We were going to go back to Karlovy Lazne, the largest club in middle Europe, but got sucked into another place.  We thought it was a “nightclub” but it ended up being a really neat bar with a couple go-go dancers.  The dancers unfortunately remained somewhat clothed, but they were probably the most beautiful girls that we’ve seen on this trip so far.  We talked with some Australians for a little while and then headed out.  Instead of going to the discotec, we headed to a nice pub called The Chateau.  It has a dance floor in the basement, but the place was pretty empty.  So it ended up being a nice place to just have a couple beers.


The first night that we went out in Prague, we went to two discotecs…. the first was called the Matrix, but that sucked. It reminded me of a house party.  The other was called Mecca and ended up being fairly entertaining.  It wasn’t a large club, but the people definitely seemed into having a good time.


btw, I’m going to have to kick kj in the nuts when I get home, for telling me that Bohemia was somewhere in the Caribbean.