By by Budapest, Hello Prague

I actually woke up early (around 8:00am) and went for a nice run through Pest.  That sucked… but then we decided to go to the spa.  I swam for a while and then got a nice Thai massage.  I cannot explain how good the massage felt after all of this walking.  So good in fact, that I think I’ll get another along the way.  Later that night, I decided to sample some Hungarian Goulash. Also, word to the wise… avoid the 4000 huf shots 🙂  As far as Budapest goes, I think we could have visited about 2 weeks earlier.  The summer hours (at clubs and spas, etc) ended the weekend that we arrived.  It was still a very cool town, though.  I’m sure I’ll be back in the future.


By the grace of god, we woke up for our train.  I think I only got about an hour or two of sleep before catching the 6:00am train to Prague.  I tried to sleep some more on the train, but it wasn’t very easy.  Note to self, do not expect good sleep in a train chair. 


The buildings in Prague are amazing.  The amount of detail on just window ledges easily surpasses anything I’ve seen in the states.  I ran into a girl from Long Island last night and she gave us some info on where to go in Prague.  She has been here about 2 weeks and was nice enough to teach me some Czech.  So we went out to a couple clubs last night.  Another note to self.  The taxis in Prague are worse than the ones in Budapest.  Our taxi driver drove around in circles and ended up getting to the first club about 10 minutes after the other car got there.  Along the way, he argued with us where we wanted to go.  We finally had to direct him to the club.  We ended up drinking a lot of Absinthe and red bull, but didn’t see the green fairy.  I did learn that French and Swiss Absinthe is the way to go, though.