During my stint in Baltimore, I took a (free) massage class… Actually, it was 8 classes at the Loyola student health club and I ended up being the only guy in them… this had two major bonuses.  The first is obvious, all of my partners were good looking girls.  The second advantage was that because I could take my shirt off, the instructor always demonstrated on me.  So I always got double massages per night. 

The method that I learned was Swedish massage.  The massage strokes are generally pretty gentile and most of the time, they flow in the direction of the heart.  The core strokes are effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, compression and vibrations.  We also experimented with oils too.  Overall, I have to say that the experience was great.  I would do it again anytime, if given the opportunity.  But as always, I prefer to receive them over giving them.