Getting professional hosting

I’ve been looking to move some of these sites to a professionally
hosted solution.  I ended up doing some research the last two weeks of
some of the hosting solutions.  I narrowed my search
down to Webhost4Life, MaximumAsp, OrcsWeb, DataPipe, and

To make a long story short, I ended up going with OrcsWeb.  They were
by far the quickest and most thorough with answering all of my
questions regarding services they can provide. didn’t
bother contacting me
again.  DataPipe just didn’t fit what i was looking for.  And
MaximumAsp quickly said no to a few of my requests.  I really didn’t
give Webhost4life the chance that they deserved… I had read too many
bad reviews online, to keep them in the running.

So we’ll see how well OrcsWeb perform as the future keeps rolling on…

[Update] got back to me with some impressive services.  I’ll consider them for service in the future.