Beer commercial shelf-life

In my estimation, the average shelf-life of a beer commercial is about 3 to 6 months.  By that, I mean that beer companies tend to go with a specific marketing campaign for about 3-6 months… sometimes it goes longer, sometimes shorter.  It doesn’t seem, however, that the beer companies recognize a previously successful marketing campaign all the time, though.  For instance, I recently stumbled across the Budweiser wassup commercials.  They made me smile.  It’s rare for any commercial to make me smile, but in this case, I smiled and wanted to watch more of them.  I remember smiling the first time I saw them too…

So what am I getting at here?  Not a lot…  except that now I’m curious what the rotation period rules are for beer commercials… Say they have a successful marketing campaign such as the wassup commercials.  Eventually, say after 6 months, the commercials get old and just aren’t as funny as they were originally… How long needs to go by until they could play the same commercials and get a nice response again?  I’m guessing 2-3 years at a minimum…  Tricky thing, though, playing older commercials.  Trends change and marketers need to be conscious of that.

Enough rambling… here our the links to the commercials that made me smile tonight: