My thoughts on linq

I was talking with an ex-coworker the other day about web technologies.  I like to think that we stay pretty close to or sometimes ahead of the curve, as far as being informed about new technologies.  We went through various discussions ranging from how the postback model is a horrible user experience, to how ajax is just really a stepping stone, to c# and some of the new features that are being planned for v3.  I’m sure the stepping stone portion would make for a better blog, but fuck it, I’m going with what I originally titled this post. 

Linq… what a useless addition, imo.  Sweet…you can use raw sql in the language now… I’m so excited I can barely type…  How about doing something useful for developers and integrating an ORM tool into the language.  Object Spaces anyone?  Since I’ve used ORM tools, I haven’t wanted to look back to raw sql.  Sure, I occasionally have to craft some sort of hql to get the data that I need, but 90% of cases are handled by the tool.  Using an ORM tool has freed me from designing around relational tables, and rather I design my apps like they should be, based off the objects within the app.

So I say thank you MS… when .net v3 is released in 2010, I’m sure a handful of people will be real happy with your linq addition…