Fresh coat of paint for the Bia Creations website

I updated the core framework and theme for Bia Creations, today.  Truthfully, I updated the framework last week, and pushed the new theme today.  I ditched rails & typo for a straight php/mysql/apache solution.  It’s not that I don’t like rails or typo, I just wanted something all around more mature for that site.  I have to admit, installing WordPress was like christmas morning.  It still excites me to think about that platform.  The guys behind WordPress really did a solid job with that blogging framework.  As a bonus, it has a ton of themes and addons.  Oh… speaking of themes, the Telligent guys could take a few notes from WordPress.  Designing a custom theme is straightforward and easy.  I am seriously considering moving this blog to that platform as well…

Now, I have to also acknowledge the Apache Friends project.  Finally someone has come up with a simple way for the latest versions of php, mysql, apache, and various utilities to install/run on Windows (and many other platforms as a bonus).  I looked at how they do updates, and they even have that figured out.  Everything is simple and easy.  If they could plug Rails in on top of that, xampp would be a home run.  It’s really worth checking out if you want to use alternate technologies on windows.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the update to the Bia Creations site… let me know what you think