I love the industrial strength glue on cereal bags

I can’t get over the strength that some glues have to offer…  You find these glues not in a reasonable place like say where a strip of velcro meets an I-Pass transponder, but rather this particular glue held the seam of a cereal bag with a force rivaling jedi mind control.  This morning, after I tore apart a cereal bag in every possible location other than the seam, I decided to finally give in and purchase containers dedicated to holding and preserving cereal.  Apparently there are about 3 choices for this type of container, other than the cardboard box that the cereal originally came with.  You can go with a plastic version, a round stainless version, or the pyrex jars that require an air pump.  After much searching, including reading a thread by some hippies vegans who got side tracked and started talking about microwaving baby sea turtles, I decided to go with Tupperware’s Super Oval 4.  I’m not totally satisfied with my decision, but I feel that it was the best outcome from the choices presented.  Provided my crude math is accurate, I’m estimating that it’ll hold a large box of Crispix with little to no crushing needed.