I adopted a dog (Molly) this month.  She was born in Tennessee but has been living up at my cabin for the last 5 years.  Molly is a pure bread Britney and I think she has a nipple fetish… Not my nipples, you sick bastards, but she sucks on toys like she missed out on something as a pup.  She seems to be enjoying city life since she came here.  I’ve taken her to a park close by, where she promptly harassed the local goose population.  Other than that, she has successfully eaten the head off her gorilla toy.  All and all it’s been an exciting last couple days…  She is a bit overweight, so I’m trying to get that under control for the holiday season… Hell, maybe she’ll make a New Years resolution about it ;).  Anyway, I’ll keep posting more pictures as the days ahead become memories. 


Molly with a toy


Also, I posted some pictures from this years deer hunting expedition at my cabin.