Thoughts about this site

Now that things aren’t so hectic with Property Center development, I hope to get back into the swing of things and start posting more regularly.  I’ve also been thinking of what to do with this site… From the sounds of things, Graffiti cms might be more appropriate than Community Server as the engine for this site.  I’d like to get away from the separate blog per user concept and do something where there is only one entry point of the site while still allowing multiple contributers.  I also think that I’d like to get away from having the date embedded in the friendly urls.  I could go either way with the date thing, since I know I’ll have some posts that are useful for chronological organization, but I’ll have other posts that I don’t want an age associated with.

Community Server doesn’t really fit the role of where I want to take this site, but hopefully Graffiti will.  If not, I may look into writing the software by myself to get acquainted with some newer MS offerings (.net 3.5, linq, mvc, etc…).

The only bummer that I’ll have to work out is what to do with the pictures.  I don’t want to lose the pictures and really don’t feel like moving them all to Flickr.  I guess I could write an image gallery app, but that really doesn’t thrill me.