Does Google make you less skilled at problem solving?

Over the last few years, I’ve used Google to help me solve various problems, resulting in me not figuring them out on my own.  I’m not saying that I can’t solve problems, but Google is usually the first place I turn to for a solution before taking the time to manually do it. 
I feel that my problem solving skills haven’t been practiced nearly as much as my ability to work the search engine to return relevant results.  Think about it… how many times do you turn to Google to answer a
question that is on your mind?  Rather than figure it out, Google
provides the answer with little thought on your part.  When it comes
time to think for yourself in a situation, you’re less prepared to
solve the problem than if you had been practicing problem solving
skills all along.  So while I don’t dismiss the immediate benefits of
using Google as an answer, I do think we grow more lazy as its index becomes richer. 

This correlates with how cellphones change us as well. 
It might date me to say this, but in high school (and part of college), I
had memorized every phone number of everyone I directly knew.  Although now, I
doubt that I could readily tell you the cell phone numbers of close family members, off the
top of my head.

While I realize that Google (and the cellphone phone book) are tools for solving problems, it feels like cheating to me.  This probably all boils down to evolution.  Lets
just hope the tools we use on a daily basis are factual.  If not,
hopefully we can discern which results are
accurate with our modern tools.