Enhanced the Graffiti Extras project

I came across the Graffiti extras project today and decided to modify the sharing portion of it.  I added DotNetKicks to the list of social apps and made some other minor updates as well. 

By far, the trickiest part for me was figuring out how to actually use the extension.  Other than that, everything went smooth and you can see that I’m using it currently for this site.

To use the extension, just add the following to your post.view (or whatever view you want).  Note: ~/__utility/img/sharing represents the directory where I placed the sharing images.

$sharing.Write($post, "~/__utility/img/sharing")

To only show DotNetKicks and say Digg, you can do so with:

$sharing.Write($post, "~/__utility/img/sharing", " ", "DotNetKicks,Digg It!")


Hope this helps someone

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