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Though it’s a trend with some bloggers right now, I decided to pass on setting up Disqus comments with this blog, for now.  I really like the idea and implementation, but my concerns are what swayed me from installing it:

  1. The comments are not stored with my blog
  2. When disqus.com goes down, I lose comments
  3. SEO – Comments add to SEO for the website, but if it’s javascript injected then I lose the SEO aspect.

Maybe if I get complaints I’ll change my mind, but for now I’m going to hold off…

3 thoughts on “Disqus comments

  1. Hi, Daniel from Disqus here.

    1) With the WordPress plugin, comments auto backed up with your installation.

    2) Untrue.

    3) The plugin uses the Disqus API, not JavaScript, so it is SEO-friendly.


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