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Gmail here I come…

Sweet… I got a Gmail account.  Apparently Marcie thought that my email, relating GMail to a taco, was worthwhile enough to convince Ryan Greg to give me an invite.  So, thanks to both people for hooking me up!  I suppose, I could post my experiences as I get used to it over time… My GMail address is jgeurts AT gmail DOT com

Btw, if you’re curious what my email to Marcie looked like… here you go:


Hey Marcie…

If GMail were a taco, I would eat it… or, if I could wrap a tortilla around it, I’d call it a burrito and still eat it


Hope that helps


Back from Vegas

Ok, so here is the 20,000 ft overview of what happened in Vegas.  To sum it up, that town is like a playground for adults… I wouldn’t bring kids there, unless you want them to be exposed to sin early on.  Yes there are things for families to do, but shit… bring them to Disney World, a place meant for that sort of thing.


We got into Vegas around 10:30 or 11:00 Thursday morning.  It actually worked out pretty good, since the majority of the people arrived around the same time.  From the airport, we hopped a shuttle (should have taken a cab) to the hotel.  We stayed at Treasure Island, or as they try to pull off a new image, TI.  Apparently the abbreviation is cooler than the full name.  Anyway, we were able to check into our rooms right away, which sort of surprised us.  The next couple hours were split between sitting in the pool and gambling. 


Later that night, we met up with a friend (Johnny Lee) and went out for dinner.  We had reservations at the VooDoo Café & Lounge at the Rio.  It was an ok dinner, etc, but was good to get all of us together for a meal.  Actually, this is the only picture of the trip that I have, unfortunately.  The view of the strip was nice from the 50th floor, however.  So we hung out for an extra drink or two at the outside bar on the 51st floor.  Afterwards, we went to a couple bars in search of where to go for the night.  We ended up going to Rain in the Palms casino.  That place was a blast and I would definitely recommend it.  The room is like a big circle with a circle dance floor in the middle.  There are different levels/floors/balconies around the edge of the club.  They also have a huge ceiling structure above the main dance floor, which among other things, shoots fire.  It was a very cool thing to watch.  So we spent the majority of the night there until we were asked to leave (details omitted) around 3am or so.  From there, we went to a club called Drais in Barbary Coast.  It has a lounge atmosphere and is definitely a hotspot to go after hours.  We got a reserved table and the night seemed to pass by nicely.  By the time I wandered out of there, it was sunny again. 


Friday started a little later and more sporadic… at this point, my sleep habits pretty much turned into random naps.  I slept for a few hours, went to the pool, slept, gambled, etc… I’m pretty sure that food & drinks were involved somewhere in there.  So, the night approached us and we decided to go to the Hard Rock casino and hang out at the circle bar for a little while.  That’s a very cool bar, and if you feel like gambling, it’s within an arms reach.  We chose to go to a club called Ice around 11 or 12… Since we were with so many guys (around 15 or so), we figured that the only way to get into this place was to just buy a table.  So, we got a table (3 bottle minimum @ $250 a bottle) and proceeded to enjoy the night.  The night gets somewhat blurry from here, but I ended up meeting a couple girls from Tampa.  One, Stephanie, was really cool and damn sexy… we pretty much talked (about what?) for the majority of the night and had some drinks and shots together.  The party moved back to Drais again due to another prompt exit (again, details omitted).  I didn’t stay that long (it was more dawn than pure daylight when we left), but still managed to have a good time.


Saturday was much the same as Friday and involved a lot of sitting at the pool, drinking, and gambling… I felt “not so myself” for most of the day, and only managed to each a half of sub for dinner… That night, we went out to Hard Rock again and Johnny tried to get us into the club there.  Apparently there was a Maxim party, though, so even though Johnny knew someone, it was closed doors.  We did end up meeting up with the Tampa girls again, so that was nice.  The girls went to Rain, and well… since we are less than welcome there, I decided to go take a nap.  I ended up waking up around 4:30 or 5 and going out to meet up with everyone.  They were just hanging out at Barbary Coast, in the casino part.  I have to say that my motivation to go out on Saturday was pretty minimal.  Apparently the lack of sleep and the immense drinking took a toll.  I did, however, find out that Stephanie’s last name is Noriega and that she is a sorority girl (TriDelta).  She is definitely a cool girl, and if I get a chance to see her again, that would be great.


So that’s about it… Sunday sucked due to having a flight at 9:00am, but what can ya do…. I have other stories related to this trip, but I suppose some things should stay in Vegas.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to my next Vegas experience, that’s for sure. 


Doing what I can…

I told my friend Steve that I would help him with anything that I could for Havalah.  One of the little things that he said that annoyed him was the fact that Havalah’s website did not come up #1 on Google.  So I told him that I would write a short post about her in hopes that at a minimum, the Google ranking goes up. 


Steve and Kristen’s beautiful baby, Havalah, has a disease called biliary atresia and is awaiting a liver transplant.  It is basically a lack of bile ducts inside and outside the liver.  More information can be found here.


There is a fundraising effort going on, so if you feel as though you want to help, there is an answer.  Outside of that, if you would like to find out more, please visit the website devoted to Havalah Elizabeth Wotruba Kolb.

eHarmony update 2

To update the status of the eHarmony meeting, since I’ve been asked about this more than once… I went out to dinner with Kelly last Wednesday before my surgery.  It was a good time and we went out for sushi (something both of us could enjoy).   Afterwards, we went to a local bar that brews there own beer and had a couple glasses while talking. 

Otherwise, I was pretty much a pile throughout the weekend, and couldn’t really do much.  We ended up going out tonight, just to burn some time, again went to a bar and sat around having a couple drinks and talking about everything.  It was fun, but I still had the nagging pain occasionally which sucked. 

Update after surgery

I’ve been in more pain than I thought I would be, from surgery.  I got to the hospital around 11:00am and entered the prep area around 12:00 or so… I didn’t get moved into the operating room until 1:20 or so.  After that, I was out of it.  I woke up to immense pain in the recovery room, which was dulled rather quickly by some morphine.  I sort of dozed in and out of consciousness (I remember listening to the nurses talk about how ducks procreated) and was able to move around (slowly) by about 5:00.  Rachel was very nice for sitting there the whole time, and then going and getting my prescription (Demerol) filled, etc. 

The first night, I slept entirely on my back, after spending a couple hours on the couch (on my back).   Friday was much the same…  I’ve been amusing myself with OnDemand and various movies.  Friday night was similar to Thursday night, where I only felt comfortable on my back.  I think I tried moving to one side, while in bed, but that only lasted a few minutes due to generally feeling uncomfortable. 

Saturday was generally a lazy day, but I noticed that I felt a little better.  Getting up and sitting down didn’t hurt as much as it did the previous two days.  I was a little more active, and actually checked some email.  Saturday night was interesting… I felt pretty comfortable sleeping on a side, but one drawback is that I woke up sleeping on my stomach.  Generally, I would prefer to sleep like that, but I didn’t wake up in the most comfortable ways.  I’m not sure how I ended up like that, but I do know that attempting to roll back over hurt quite a bit.  It felt like I was tugging on the staples (securing the incision).  Otherwise, as far as food is concerned… I haven’t been eating much, but I have been drinking quite a bit of water.  I had some soup Thursday… a bagel and a burrito (tuna helper… yum) for Friday.  Saturday I only had a bagel and a small wrap (shrimp & chicken).

To make a long story short, I got up today feeling even better.  I even felt good enough to wash myself and do some laundry… I’ve been attempting to be more productive with my daily tasks.  Right now, I’m installing the Visual Studio 2005 May CTP on a VirtualPC Windows 2003 image.  I’ve gotten to the point of wanting to play around with these new tools.  Installation is pretty slow, though…

One other point to make…  I’ve been visiting Asp.Net forums v2 quite a bit, in anticipation of it’s release.  I’ve noticed that they now support forums that grab content from RSS feeds.  That is just kick ass… I see that as an excellent way to mark bug reports in conjunction with RSS feeds from the Draco Web Viewer.  When a new release is built, the RSS feed will be updated, and a new thread will be started in the forums… I’m really looking forward to using this software package!

I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional now…

I took my first Microsoft test today (70-315) and passed with a score of 852/1000… 700 is passing, so I’m not too disappointed.  The score basically means that I missed about 8 questions out of 55.  My worst area was the testing and debugging, which is understandable… When I studied for the test, I picked up all sorts of useful information related to debugging.  Before taking this test, I just thought debugging was setting a breakpoint and stepping through code.  I didn’t know that VS.Net supported condition & hit counts, etc… Apparently, I still have a little more to learn.

I studied for a total of probably 10-15 hours for the test.  This was distributed in some spare time for the last three weeks.  I mainly used SelfTest, after I found out that work had the 70-315 practice test.  I must say that the software really prepared me for the format of the test and allowed me to estimate how long the test would take.  The questions in the samples were slightly harder than the actual test, which is probably a good thing.  I would recommend using that software, if it’s available to you. 

Overall, the test seemed worth it… it makes you memorize the little nuances with Asp.Net and C#… stuff that intellisense would generally take care of for you.  So it was the closest to a college exam (book knowledge) that I’ve had within the last 10 months…

As a side note, I went to the dentist right before (dentist appt. was at 3:30 & test was at 4:30 – barely made it) and had my teeth cleaned.  So I had the extra pleasure of taking the test with the discomfort associated with my freshly picked gums & teeth.