Split up

Well… tonight, Jeana & I decided that we should take some time off from each other.  It kind of came as a shock to me, but it’ll be interesting none the less.  I feel as though we haven’t stopped our relationship since last fall, so maybe this is a good thing.

The main reason was that I turn into a non-social person when I smoke.  That and when we talked about it, I defended my smoking, rather than focused on her feelings.  Strange, random thoughts are going through my head.  Basically summed up by "girls are confusing."

So now… who knows.  I don’t know if this is one of those "tests" that girls do, or what.  I’m going to talk to Rachel when I get back and see what she has to say about it all.  In any case, it’ll be nice to hear a neutral girl’s opinion on the matter. 

Btw, I’m kind of saddened that it took this event for me to write in this journal.  I think this is kind of cool.  Anyway, till next time… I’m sure I’ll have some more thoughts on this or something.

As for this weekend, I’m headed over to Saginaw to visit Bill.  I’ll see if he has anything to add too… I do plan on waiting the weekend and not calling her till I talk to Rachel, or if Jeana calls first.

Update: Ported over from my Journal in my old PhpNuke setup.