Update on the split up

Well… I went to Michigan this weekend, and had a really good time.  We gamed mostly, and I *hopefully* fixed Bill’s computer, by installing WinXP & changing all drives to NTFS.  I talked to him briefly about the situation, and he basically said that he has been in the same position, but he didn’t really offer that much insight, unfortunately. 

So now it’s Monday, and I decided that I should get a girl’s perspective on the issue.  I talked with Rachel, for about 10 minutes tonight, about the whole situation.  She basically said that her and Rob had similar arguments and that it’s just something that comes up now and again.  The only thing different in their situation is that she used to smoke, so her thoughts might be a little different than Jeanas. 

Anyway, Rachel told me that it was pretty much up to me to call Jeana.  That if it was Rachel in that position, she would be expecting a call from her boyfriend.  So I called Jeana, and we had a pretty good talk.  We seemed to avoid the topic, and carried on a "normal" conversation.  We talked about general things such as what we did this last weekend, how work/school was going, etc…. After getting through all of that, we both were silent for a while, and I kind of sensed that she hessitated bringing it up.  Personally, I didn’t really want to talk about it, either, since I really didn’t have anything new to say about the issue. So rather than drag the phone call on and make both of us feel uncomfortable, I let her go.

So now I sit wondering what this is all about.  Rachel mentioned that every fight that girls have with their boys is a "test" to see how much the other loves them.  If this is a test, I think it sucks… Anyway I’m just going to play this by ear and see what happens.

In the mean time, the thought of single life has sparked an interest in me.  Maybe it’s just the warm weather that we’ve had this past weekend.  I dunno… to be continued 🙂

Update: Ported over from my Journal in my old PhpNuke setup.