Split Up -> Talked with Rachel

Well, I talked to Rachel about the whole situation.  She told me again that her and Rob go through that type of argument a few times yearly.  Anyway, she told me to give Jeana a call because girls expect the guy to initiate first. 

So I called up Jeana and we carried on a conversation somewhat like we would any other time.  There was one point at the end, where it appeared as though both of us had exhausted our topics to talk about.  At this point, I gave her an out, and asked if I should let her go.  She said yeah, and told me that Julie called… Part of me doubts that, but I do think that she talked with Julie afterwards. 

At the end of the phone call, we said good night & i told her that I loved her.  She said it back, but it appeared to me that she was waiting for me to say it first.  Maybe this goes along with how girls want the guy to initiate things first. 

The only thing that I’m completly sure about now, is that girls are fucking retarted with their little mind games.  It’s enough to piss a person off.  And this realization came to Rachel, as I talked with her, and she agreed completly.

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