Tim Reynolds

I recently went to the Tim Reynolds show here in Baltimore.  Actually, it was the night that hurricane Isabel was supposed to hit.  When I was driving there and back to my house, it was only windy outside with sprinkles here and there.  Later that night (Friday morning), one of the roads that I drove down became flooded.  So, I guess I was pretty lucky with that.  Tim had an excellent opening act for his show.  It was Kaki King, this girl who is phenomenal on guitar.  For some of her songs, she had both hands on the fret board, tabbing with all 8 fingers.  If you get a chance, check her out.  Tim was, as expected, just plain awesome.  He played so many styles that night, that it would be hard to classify him into a specific genre.   The recommendation to go see him goes without saying.  All in all, it was a pretty intimate setting though, with about 50 people at the newly designed Funk Box (http://www.thefunkbox.com). 

Also, it is worthy to note that http://www.timreynolds.com has been updated.  This update is quite welcomed.  If you didn’t visit that site before, consider yourself lucky for not dealing with the old interface.  Also, Tim is very open to sharing of music, so the have an ftp site to download some of his shows.