Blog start

Today I started the blog.  I setup 3 websites today to be hosted on my home server.,, and  Bia Securities will act as the parent to all of my websites.  I am going to make Bia Creations my main “portal” for software development.  Eclectic Vibe belongs to my friend Dan, but if he is not interested in what I’ve set up, then I am going to make it all things music related.  Stellarteller is for my Mom.  She is a wonderful story teller, and I want her to have a place to show people and talk about her experiences.

I have other web domains registered, so I might be adding those later, as I find a use for them.  After reading this article about host header names, I must admit that I feel very comfortable hosting multiple domains on my dinky server.  Since the amount of traffic to these domains is trivial, it beats shelling out $10 or so per month, per domain for sites that very few people will see.