Sleep walking Jim

I forgot to mention, in my previous Colorado post, that I walked in my sleep twice while I was out there.  The second time, I woke everyone up in the bunkhouse.  To me, it was pretty amusing, but I’m pretty sure that I really freaked the other people out.

The first time (Saturday night -10/11/2003), I got out of bed and went over toward a bag on the floor, by the door.  I think I was looking for a bottle of water or something, but I’m not quite sure what I was planning on doing with it.  I do remember that I was kneeling down by the bag, but I don’t think I was looking through it.  At that point, I started to wake up, and then I heard some rustling from one of the other people in the bunkhouse.  So, I jumped back into bed and tried not to make a huge deal about it.  No one mentioned it the next day, so I felt as though it was fitting to bring up with Bill, while we were out. 

The second time (Sunday night – 10/12/2003) that I did something in my sleep, I really didn’t walk anywhere.  It would be more characterized as me acting out a dream that I was having.  I believe that the dream consisted of some sort of chain/nail cover that was coming over me.  It would have been similar to a bed sheet that was being pulled up the bed.  Though, in my little world, it had nails/spears on the end, and wasn’t something that draped over a body.  So, I did what anyone would do in that situation, I jumped out of bed.  When I “woke up,” I was on all fours on the floor.  At that point, the amount of noise that I made woke everyone up, and I heard my Dad asking my brother if I was ok.  Who knows why he couldn’t ask me, but apparently he thinks that he has to go through a mediator in order to communicate with me sometimes.  So while my brother was asking me questions, the other two people in the room where probably just really confused.  I know that my brother asked me what I was doing or if I knew where I was.  I was still partly dreaming at that point, so I kind of mumbled yeah, but really, I was just trying to get a grasp on what was real, etc… I know that I would’ve answered and explained about the chain/nail type cover thing that was out to get me, but I’m just not that expressive.  At that point, it seemed pretty normal for something like that to try to “get me.”  But instead, I got right back in bed and fell asleep, to wait for the questions the next day.

Both nights, I think I had maybe one or two beers.  Nothing major, so it must have been something else to give me so much pent up energy.  Strange.. maybe one day, I’ll figure out what it is that gets me going like that.