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Restless nights

For whatever reason, I have been sleep walking about 10-12 times in the
last two weeks… That’s pretty much every night.  Now by sleep
walking, I don’t explicitly mean walking around.  I think that
doing things like crawling around my bed and trying to interact with
objects that are not there, fall into “sleep walking” too.  

Some what related to this… I’ve had two VERY similar dreams within
the last week.  At some point in the night, I become very aware of
my surroundings.  Generally, I feel like I’m awake, but in reality
I am still dreaming.  The weird part of the dreams is that I smell
something extremely foul.  I don’t quite know how to describe it,
other than it is like a strong sour smell.  I sit in bed trying to
figure it out, and I usually fall back asleep before I figure out where
the smell is coming from.  This even prompted me to clean the
house, but to no avail…

So why have I been doing this so much recently?  I’m not totally
sure… Many people believe that sleep walking is related to
stress.  The only real stress that I can think of right now is
refinancing my mortgage… Not exactly stressful, in my opinion…

A side note, though.  I would really like to get an alarm clock
that turns on some sort of lights.  I thought about building one
with LEDs, but I just don’t think I’m that motivated.  So does
anyone have any suggestions?  Basically I just want the light to
fill the room (or the area around my head), when the alarm clock goes
off.  Ideally, if the light would remain on while I hit the snooze
button in the morning, that would be even better.

I know French…

Or at least I did in a dream that I had last night.  It was a pretty realistic dream, and I can definitely remember the latter part of it.  It involved me at a coffee bar of sorts.  At the point I can remember, I was talking to a waitress (I think) and got her number.  I had planned to go out with her within the next couple days.  Instead of leaving, I started talking to another girl.  This girl ended up being the roommate of the one that I first talked to.  This one spoke in French to me, however.  She was a French exchange person (not sure if she was a student or not).  So, I setup a date with her to – this time it involved a dinner that she was going to make for me.  Before I left the coffee bar, the first girl came up to me and said something like “If you continue to see [insert roommates name here], I will begin to hate you.” 

Very strange dream, but I guess it encompasses what is going on in my life.  Another part that I can remember is walking down a street that reminded me a combination of Brady & Water.  The catch is that it was similar to a side street near Brady, where there is a little deli/market, that I used to run down. It also reminded me of the part of Water street where Trocadero (sp?) is located…

Other than that, I was in Green Bay for the night.  I stopped up to visit some friends for the holidays, since I’ll be celebrating the winter solstice in Michigan this year. 

If you’re visiting Green Bay and looking for the best place to get the best [butter] burgers, or in my case their sea burger, head over to Kroll’s East or West locations.  I’ve gotten the same thing from that restaurant for as long as I can remember… Sea burger on a soft bun (no onions), cheese curds, bowl of chicken dumpling soup, and a chocolate malt….. mmmm…. so good.

Weird surgery dream….

Last night I had a weird dream… It originally involved me giving a c-section to an opossum type of animal. I was astonished by the number of babies that I pulled out.. They came out in a tangled group and many of them were cold and dead. That’s pretty much all I remember about that portion of the dream…

It then moved to me doing surgery on my brother. For some reason, I took a scalpel and sliced along his rib section. I then pulled the skin down and took out a package. Maybe it was the fact that I watched a Star Trek movie the night before, but this process resembled opening up a portion of the chest cavity of a droid… Anyway, the package was a little white rectangle type package wrapped in plastic. Again, I don’t know why I was doing the surgery (other than to remove the white package thing) and I don’t know what happened afterwards (other than he was better off)…

Seasonal dream

Putting into words the dream that I had Saturday morning is probably more challenging than I care for… So instead, I’ll just write the gist of it. It involved me in the mountains, near a ski lift that seems to pop up in my dreams occasionally. The first pass over the mountain was in the summertime and I was in a hot air balloon or something similar. As we crested over the summit of one of the mountains (this one had the ski lift on it), I saw a mountain fire, in the distance. I could definitely make out trees that were being engulfed by the fire.

All of a sudden, I was there in the winter time. This time, I was attempting to get a car up the mountain w/ some people. I don’t really recall a lot of this portion of the dream, but I do know that the car, we were trying to get up the mountain, was being pulled by a wagon or something similar…

My weekend adventures…

This weekend has been a good time. Saturday night, I met a girl from Japan, named Metsuko… Dan met her on his trip throughout Europe and Asia. Apparently, she is still travelling and having a good time doing so.

I found out that the way to travel, is to buy an open ended type of ticket. This is where the star alliance, etc comes into play. So, she bought a ticket for around $3000 and that ticket is good for 19 flights. Apparently, she’ll travel to a city, hang out and checkout the city. Then, she’ll decide where she wants to go to next. The only caveat is that she can only travel one direction around the globe. So, she can’t back-track. Anyway… she’s been to more places than I can name. The bonus is that if you can stay with aquaintences along the way, then your room/board is taken care of and all you really need to worry about is paying for food.

Oh, I also verified that the ancient tradition of eating sushi off of a naked virgin is valid. She said that it doesn’t happen much (as far as she is aware), but she has heard of it…

Outside of that, I ended up getting home around 4:00am. This is where it got weird. I went to bed like normal but woke up around 6:30am or so… I looked at the clock and figured that I fucked it up in my sleep and that it was running slow… so, I went back to bed for a nap and woke back up around 9:00 am…. this time, I was still confused and figured that it was really like noon or 1:00pm. I don’t know why, but I felt wide awake. I even checked my cell phone to verify the time. I’m not quite sure why I felt so much awake, but I definitely did and figured it was worth writing down…

By the way… I had a VERY vivid dream right before waking up at 9:00am… it involved hanging out w/ Dave & Trey at a house. I had a roommate (not sure who), that kept inviting people over to marvel at the singers. I remember being irritated that he treated them as circus animals, rather than friends…

Also… one last thing. I’ve been walking around my neighborhood taking some pictures of things that catch my eye. I’ve posted some of them to the gallery, and I’ll post more that I took this weekend when I get time (probably early this week).

Recent dreams about death

Before I forget about these…

Sunday night, I had a dream about a big spider…. It was so big that it was rumored to have killed (and eaten) Reggie, the lovable dog from Sheboygan. Later that night, I found myself in a very confused state. I work up sideways on my current bed (king size inflatable mattress). I was very confused and must have been warm, because I thought that the house was on fire… I got out of bed and hunted around for my clock… After a minute or two of that, I must have woken up enough to decide that the best action was to just get back into bed. Strange…

Last night (Monday), I had another strange dream. I had a dream that my friend from the dorms, Brian, had killed one or two people. I was then caught up in this fiasco where I severely hurt Brian (in defense) and was accused of killing them. Later, I walked through the woods and finished him off, as he attempted to kill again.

With all of these dreams dealing with death, I can’t help but wonder what is going on…. Also, it appears as though I have more active dreams when the weather is warmer. When I slept in Baltimore, the temperature never really got above 70-75 degrees… Now, there is no a/c and the temperature fluctuates quite a bit due to having the windows open in my room, etc. This is definitely something I plan on keeping an eye on.

Sopranos type dream

 I had a strange dream this morning… It mainly involved people from high school.

There was a pre-setting for the dream.  Apparently the bar owner had an employee kill someone the day/night before.  Unfortunately, they killed the wrong person and now knew it.  It seemed like very Sopranos/God Father like to me…

So here I come in… It started with me walking into a bar/restaurant.  I was walking from the back (bathroom/kitchen area) to the bar area when I came upon Brad Jenkins.  He had a shotgun pointed at me, though I didn’t think that it was meant specifically for me.  I kept pushing the barrel away, but he kept moving it towards me.  So, I slipped by him…. he then shot the employee (alluded to earlier) near the kitchen area of the bar.  At this point, it becomes a little hazy, but a large scuffle ensues… it ends up that after this large blood bath, the only ones left are Noth, Yineman, Steve, and Kevin.  For a little bit, the five of us paced around the place while eating out of a bowl of make-your-own chalupa type Mexican platter.  I remember feeling slightly uneasy and saw similar in Yineman and Noth’s faces.  Andy said something along the lines of “…your like a tail” to me, which seemed to clear everything up.  I thought that he was meaning that I didn’t have personality or that I mimic what other people do.  Anyway, pretty much right away, the police came… the fight continued into the street, making it very chaotic.  Somehow, all of us were able to get away… The way I did it was.. in the chaos involving the police, I was able to hop in a car (real piece of shit) with a black man sitting shotgun and his old mother in the back seat.  I remember her bitching pretty much constantly… I was able to drive through some yards and into an alley… after that, I was home free..

At that point, I woke up and figured I should jot it down….

Weird interpretation of soldiers left behind… (sort of a dream)

This morning when I was attempting to wake myself up and hit snooze at the same time, I found myself interpreting news in a dreamy state.  In one of the blurbs of news (between snoozes), I heard something about Bush’s No Child Left Behind act.  The news blurb had something to do with a couple schools being added to the list where kids won’t be left behind.  Now, the way that I took it was that it pertained to the war… Maybe this is due to just watching Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11 but in any case… I thought that there were some schools whose students/grads would not be left behind in a battle situation.  Basically, I figured that depending which school a soldier went to, they would either be protected and not left behind (similar to the theme in Black Hawk Down) or if the soldier went to a shitty school, then they would be considered as a more “disposable” soldier.  Anyway, looking back on that thought, it’s a pretty shitty way to think about things and hopefully it doesn’t turn out like that.  Though, one would think so due to the number of prisoners that are being captured and left behind…


Save the world type dream

I had a dream this morning, which was a re-occurring dream of sorts… it was more like part one of a two part dream (I know I had part two previously).   Anyway, it involved 5 main actors, including myself.  It started at a house party type event with myself and another person (Hann-Ah, I believe) trying to get away from an Arnold Swartzeneger type thing (pretty much like a terminator).  We were trying to get two objects out of the house and bring them to a specific location.  After a little while of cat & mouse type games, Hann-Ah and I were able to get out of the house with the two objects (a scepter & a key type object).  We then proceeded to bring them to a 7/11 or Open Pantry type place.  I took the objects and placed them on the quickie machine, inside.  A hologram appeared with further instructions for what to do.  Basically it told us that we needed to bring the objects to a building downtown (the pentagon).  This brings the other 2 people into play.  I told them that I would pay them $100 to drive us downtown, or show them the most amazing site that they would ever see.  So, while we were jumping in their car, Arnold came back and a scuffle ensued.  After another short game of cat & mouse, we were able to get away from him.  At this point, I remember that I reflected back to how Arnold came to the planet, etc.  He came via a spaceship that I supposedly shot down.  Somehow we transitioned to the house party, and that brings us back to driving downtown.

For some reason, something major was happening that night.  It was like the 4th of July, a large night parade, or something like that because a lot of people were in the downtown area, but they were all in the streets, etc.  At this point, I started waking up, but I do remember having almost the same dream a while ago.  It didn’t involve the party information or anything, but I do remember taking objects to a downtown area building.  Inside the building, the objects transformed the building/opened up another secret room and out came a spaceship type thing, shaped like the statue of liberty.

That’s about it, but I figured it was worth writing down…

Some recent dream activity

I had a strange dream last night/this morning.  I feel as though the premise has been touched by other dreams in my past, but I can’t remember when, though.  Anyway, it started that I was coming out of something dark.  I was “driving/moving” along a VERY high highway.  I remember being able to look over the edge of the highway & see below.  There were hot air balloons or parachuters (not sure which) floating down towards an island.  The island was big with buildings & a fair, but I had quite a bird’s eye view, so I was able to see most of it.  At the time, I knew the name of the island, but it escapes me now.  I’m pretty sure that it was near New York, though, and I might have called it Ellis Island for some reason.


The next thing that I knew, I was in the fair.  I was walking around it with some people (again their identities escape me now) and I ended up in a couple of the carnie “rides/buildings.”  Unfortunately, that is about it, but if more comes to me, I’ll write about it.


Also, there was a little blurb of a dream that I had yesterday.  I was sitting in the passenger seat of my friends (Kyle?) car, while he was driving on a highway at night.  All of a sudden there was a person (face unrecognizable) standing in the middle of the road, but the driver did not swerve.  At that point, I remember grabbing the wheel of the car and trying unsuccessfully to turn out of the way.  It got pretty graphic at that point, as the car hit the person standing in the road, and their head popped off and hit the window by me.  At that point, I woke up somewhat confused…