Restless nights

For whatever reason, I have been sleep walking about 10-12 times in the
last two weeks… That’s pretty much every night.  Now by sleep
walking, I don’t explicitly mean walking around.  I think that
doing things like crawling around my bed and trying to interact with
objects that are not there, fall into “sleep walking” too.  

Some what related to this… I’ve had two VERY similar dreams within
the last week.  At some point in the night, I become very aware of
my surroundings.  Generally, I feel like I’m awake, but in reality
I am still dreaming.  The weird part of the dreams is that I smell
something extremely foul.  I don’t quite know how to describe it,
other than it is like a strong sour smell.  I sit in bed trying to
figure it out, and I usually fall back asleep before I figure out where
the smell is coming from.  This even prompted me to clean the
house, but to no avail…

So why have I been doing this so much recently?  I’m not totally
sure… Many people believe that sleep walking is related to
stress.  The only real stress that I can think of right now is
refinancing my mortgage… Not exactly stressful, in my opinion…

A side note, though.  I would really like to get an alarm clock
that turns on some sort of lights.  I thought about building one
with LEDs, but I just don’t think I’m that motivated.  So does
anyone have any suggestions?  Basically I just want the light to
fill the room (or the area around my head), when the alarm clock goes
off.  Ideally, if the light would remain on while I hit the snooze
button in the morning, that would be even better.