Save the world type dream

I had a dream this morning, which was a re-occurring dream of sorts… it was more like part one of a two part dream (I know I had part two previously).   Anyway, it involved 5 main actors, including myself.  It started at a house party type event with myself and another person (Hann-Ah, I believe) trying to get away from an Arnold Swartzeneger type thing (pretty much like a terminator).  We were trying to get two objects out of the house and bring them to a specific location.  After a little while of cat & mouse type games, Hann-Ah and I were able to get out of the house with the two objects (a scepter & a key type object).  We then proceeded to bring them to a 7/11 or Open Pantry type place.  I took the objects and placed them on the quickie machine, inside.  A hologram appeared with further instructions for what to do.  Basically it told us that we needed to bring the objects to a building downtown (the pentagon).  This brings the other 2 people into play.  I told them that I would pay them $100 to drive us downtown, or show them the most amazing site that they would ever see.  So, while we were jumping in their car, Arnold came back and a scuffle ensued.  After another short game of cat & mouse, we were able to get away from him.  At this point, I remember that I reflected back to how Arnold came to the planet, etc.  He came via a spaceship that I supposedly shot down.  Somehow we transitioned to the house party, and that brings us back to driving downtown.

For some reason, something major was happening that night.  It was like the 4th of July, a large night parade, or something like that because a lot of people were in the downtown area, but they were all in the streets, etc.  At this point, I started waking up, but I do remember having almost the same dream a while ago.  It didn’t involve the party information or anything, but I do remember taking objects to a downtown area building.  Inside the building, the objects transformed the building/opened up another secret room and out came a spaceship type thing, shaped like the statue of liberty.

That’s about it, but I figured it was worth writing down…