Sopranos type dream

 I had a strange dream this morning… It mainly involved people from high school.

There was a pre-setting for the dream.  Apparently the bar owner had an employee kill someone the day/night before.  Unfortunately, they killed the wrong person and now knew it.  It seemed like very Sopranos/God Father like to me…

So here I come in… It started with me walking into a bar/restaurant.  I was walking from the back (bathroom/kitchen area) to the bar area when I came upon Brad Jenkins.  He had a shotgun pointed at me, though I didn’t think that it was meant specifically for me.  I kept pushing the barrel away, but he kept moving it towards me.  So, I slipped by him…. he then shot the employee (alluded to earlier) near the kitchen area of the bar.  At this point, it becomes a little hazy, but a large scuffle ensues… it ends up that after this large blood bath, the only ones left are Noth, Yineman, Steve, and Kevin.  For a little bit, the five of us paced around the place while eating out of a bowl of make-your-own chalupa type Mexican platter.  I remember feeling slightly uneasy and saw similar in Yineman and Noth’s faces.  Andy said something along the lines of “…your like a tail” to me, which seemed to clear everything up.  I thought that he was meaning that I didn’t have personality or that I mimic what other people do.  Anyway, pretty much right away, the police came… the fight continued into the street, making it very chaotic.  Somehow, all of us were able to get away… The way I did it was.. in the chaos involving the police, I was able to hop in a car (real piece of shit) with a black man sitting shotgun and his old mother in the back seat.  I remember her bitching pretty much constantly… I was able to drive through some yards and into an alley… after that, I was home free..

At that point, I woke up and figured I should jot it down….