Creating panoramic images

I’ve been playing around with my camera since recently buying it.  I must say that I really enjoy taking pictures… but some things have come up.  The first is that I now desire a couple extra lenses… but that might be worked on around Christmas time 😉  The other main thing that has been on my mind is to create a nice panoramic picture.  I took a bunch of shots of the Baltimore skyline the other day, and I want to stitch them together to make one big picture.  So… in an effort to research how this is done, I came across this site.  The Panorama Tools Assistant (PTAssembler) tool seems to do everything (and probably more) that I need. 

Also, an important tidbit to note is that the process of combining the images into one large image is referred to as stitching.

Some Notes:

The computed horizontal field of view (FOV) for my lens is: 67.423.  This was computed by the focal length: (18mm * 1.5 = 27mm)  The 27mm is the 35mm equivalent.