Glass blowing

I’ve been interested in blowing some glass recently.  So, I set about finding how to tackle this (soon to be hobby?) task.  I came across The Washington Glass School first.  It wasn’t the easiest to find out about glass studios in the Baltimore/DC area, but I did come up with that one.  They offer affordable classes, but the commute would have sucked.  So, I emailed their generic site email for some more information.  They were kind enough to point me towards Corradetti Studio, here in Baltimore.  

I emailed Corradetti with some general questions on what it takes to get started with blowing glass.  They offer classes (workshops), also.  So, their class setup is based on about 4-5 people working with 2 instructors.  Basically, it is a two day course held on specific weekends.  They have a schedule of specific openings.  The prices were not very bad, at $350 per person.  This price includes all materials and tools, so you basically just need to show up.  The second point that I was curious about was that once I start getting the hang of what to do, are there open studios or walk-in type availabilities?  To cater to that type of visit, they offer renting the studio.  Their price is reasonable at $250 whole day / $125 half day.  You can also work with a private instructor for an additional $20/hour. 

So, it looks like blowing glass is not an impossible task, and it’s nice to know that it is offered without having to go to school for it.  If you do happen to go to Corradetti studios, it’d be cool to let them know that I helped you find their business 🙂

Update: I attended the 2 day weekend course.  If you’re interested you can see what went on for day 1 and day 2