I upgraded the website to .Text version .95 tonight.  The upgrade was pretty painless and it has some really nice improvements including the support for categories from my Newsgator plug-in.  Due to demand, I’m going to add a feature to the plug-in to query the blog site(s) for categories at post time.  If you notice any problems with this website, please let me know.

In other news though, I had a pretty good break.  I managed to visit Detroit, Saginaw, Green Bay, Milwaukee, New York (Manhattan), and finished up in Baltimore.  Many stories to tell about that trip, but some I should probably leave to myself.  Somewhere in there, I made it to a kick ass bachelor party.  I want to thank my Bro for that!  One unfortunate thing that happened while I was gone was that the website went down for about 4 days.  This was due to the cable modem being reset and my server not grabbing the IP address correctly.  A quick reboot fixed all of that, though.