Ads in dreams?

Last night/this morning, I had what I would depict as the closest thing I could have to an ad in dream world.  It was about a brand of self-help type books: 

There was a family sitting around a table (girl on the far end, boy underneath, and mother off to the right.  They were all going through books on all subjects (cooking books, etc) when all of a sudden they started hiding books under the table.  I’m not sure if they were trying to conceal the number of books or what, but basically the boy stashed some of the other books within the one that he was reading.  Anyway, at that point, the father figure walked in with some more books in shopping bags.  He said something along the lines of “Guess what I have…”  They all knew the brand of the book, and low and behold… what he took out of the bags were more books. 

I just hope that this isn’t foreshadowing the future.