eHarmony lunch

I had lunch with a girl that I met through eHarmony, last Friday… I have found that eHarmony just plain kicks the shit out of  The way that they approach meeting people is more enjoyable than just being presented with a list of faces… I feel like is the meat market of online dating whereas eHarmony forces you to get to know the person… a good thing.  So anyway.. Kelly, the girl I had lunch with, is very beautiful (surprised me that beautiful people use online dating tools too…), smart, and overall just a joy to talk to.  I was somewhat in awe with how much we actually had in common (music, hobbies, etc).  Anyway, lunch seemed to be a good stepping stone from the digital land to the real world. 

2 thoughts on “eHarmony lunch

  1. It’s nice to hear that you actually met somone! I have been on eHarmony for 2 months with no (ZERO) matches at all. Personally I think it is the biggest waste of money there is. I wish I knew a way to get my hundred bucks back.

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