Weekend in Princeton

I just got back from spending Saturday night in Princeton, NJ.  The campus is absolutely beautiful there.  I went there with Rob to meet up with our friend Hann-Ah.  Hann-Ah had just helped his sister drive her car over from Chicago, during the day Friday.  So we got to Hann-Ah’s other sister’s home (confusing, I know) around five o’clock on Saturday.  After playing a game or two one the PS2, we ventured out and walked around the Princeton campus.  Two things to note that were blatant to us.  Everyone drives luxury cars there… if you’re looking to buy a luxury car, go to a campus like this to see all of the differences.  Also, what other campus has a Rolex store, a brokerage house, and a store just devoted to women’s makeup on campus? 

Later that night, we went to a brew pub called Triumph Brewery.  They had a small cover band play (heh, I’ll let Rob quote the exact description of them) which was a nice background filler.  The place had a very retro/modern look, but in some way, it was inviting… I’d recommend getting a beer there, if you’re around those parts. 

As a side note, the cicadas are getting louder and louder… I’ll try to post some pictures in the next couple weeks…