I am broken (Bump in the road)

If only to just give myself a personal record of when this went down….

I found out, earlier this week, that I have a minor inguinal hernia.  I noticed a small bump in the groin area and had some discomfort, about two weeks ago.  I brushed it off as just pulling a muscle (groin) from running.  Then last Sunday (May 9th), I was removing some waste from my body and felt a strong pain in the groin area (to the upper left of my cock).  I’m still not quite sure what that pain was specifically, other than being related to the hernia, but it was very uncomfortable and I debated about going into the emergency room.  After talking myself out of it, I laid in bed and massaged the bump until it felt better.  Ok, that just sounds bad…

So, I went to a doctor on Monday (beauty of PatientFirst and no appointments) and the doctor was unsure if I had a hernia, so he referred me to a specialist.  I saw the specialist this past Monday (May 17th) and he knew just by looking that it was a hernia. 

As I stand, I have surgery scheduled for next Thursday (May 27th) to fix my little bump.  I went for my physical and blood work yesterday & all was good.  Other than having the hernia, I am in excellent shape, which is surprising considering the large amount of cheese and tortillas that I have been eating lately.  I was told that I can start running again (yep, I’m looking forward to that) after just a few days.  The majority of my recovery is short (about a week or two) and I should expect a full recovery (ability to lift large objects again) within 3 months.  I’ll only be on the narcotics for a couple days, after surgery.  Surprisingly, I was told that I can lift weights before the 3 month deadline since that is a focused activity and it’s not an awkward motion. 

I chose to go with surgery so soon because of two reasons.  I am going to Las Vegas in the middle of June and after talking with the specialist, he made it clear to me that I would be healed by then and much more comfortable.  The other reason is that there is a chance that the bladder can go through the muscle wall and get trapped.  A side-effect of that is that the bladder gets strangulated (loses blood).  If that happens, surgery should be performed as soon as possible to reduce complications.

A nice thing that I found out is that the risk of getting another hernia in the future is only 5%.  The other nice thing as a result of this is that I now know what a hernia is.  I would have rather discovered what it is through some other means, but hey… take ‘em as they come, I guess.

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  1. Hi

    All sounds like its not to serious for you which is good. I have found a tiny lump in my groin. Im 24. I weightlift. It hurts a little to touch but is not that bad. You canot see it. I hope all is ok im going to the doc on friday.

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