Preakness 2004 in Maryland

I went to the Preakness this last weekend.  I think it (the infield) is as close to a NASCAR event that I can get, without actually attending one.   The whole day was pretty much one big ass party and really made me feel like it was spring break again.  We got up and got out to the track around 10:00am or so.  That was a perfect time to get there, since we had to wait about 45 minutes in line.  The even coordinators wouldn’t allow metal chairs and basically had to go through every cooler, so it took quite a while for everyone to get in.  We got there with enough time to make a little area for ourselves (and that area got smaller as the day got longer).  Note for the next time, bring rope & tie it around the chairs/objects that make up your area.  That way, it’s less likely that you’ll lose a chair or space for sitting.

So there were 12 races total, with the main event last.  You can bet on any race that you want, but you have to follow strict guidelines to do so.  Buying a program for $3 was well worth it, as it went over all of the horses and the rules for betting.  Other than that, pretty much anything went.  Beer was the choice drink among people, since bottles were not allowed.  Surprisingly, they had no problems with people bringing in beer bongs, slip & slides, and even inflatable pools.  As an added bonus, there were girls who were willing to show their assets, every so often.  Oh, and the girls… so many beautiful girls wearing little else than a short skirt and a bikini top.  Like I said, it reminded me quite a bit of spring break.

Other than that, drinking pretty much began around 11:00am and continued till about 7:30 or 8… I would recommend that you bring food, snacks, and your own beer for this event.  They sold things there, but the prices were quite high, from what I remember.  Anyway, it was just starting to get dark out, as I walked home.  Yep, I decided that the best way for me to get home was to walk the 4-6 miles… by myself… carrying two chairs… Along the way, I made some friends, got some numbers and managed to forget what the people looked like and the conversations had.  Ah well, there’s always next year.

The porta potti situation at the track was pretty decent.  As long as you made an effort to go towards the center of one of the 5 rows of toilets, the lines were usually short and painless.  Unfortunately, each porta potti was like its own little oven.  Couple that with the shit smell and the occasional puke splatter made for some very unattractive experiences.  I’ve heard that the last 3 years it has rained.  This might have been better to reduce the humidity, but I kind of liked getting burnt.

Anyway, I’ll post pictures when I can scan them.  Yep, I gave in and got a disposable… I figure documenting events like this with some pictures is better than none.  Also, DON”T get a picture disk from Kodak.  I though I’d get a CD with decent quality scans… I got a 3.5mm with shitty quality JPGs…

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  1. Looking at your picture I figured out that my "country" was right behind yours and that some of your pictured contained some of my friends. This was my first year, my cousins and friends drove me down here to be in attendance. It was great, I plan on flying out from California every year for it.

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