Fix for Error 302 Object moved to here with Netscape 4 and Response.Redirect

I had to do some browser compatibility test recently (a real joy!) and I came across one specific to older browsers.  Specifically, we needed to support Netscape 4.7… I had forgotten (forcefully?) how much v4 browsers suck.  The problem arose from some login code that used Response.Redirect to redirect the user back to a url after successful login.  Instead, the user would get an error 302 similar to: “Object moved to here.”  In order to work around that little bit of joy, I check for Netscape 4 users and use a meta refresh instead.  Hopefully this will help someone else in the same situation.


if (Request.Browser.Type.StartsWith(“Netscape”) && Request.Browser.MajorVersion <= 4)


      // Netscape 4.7x gets an error 302 page with a message similar to:

      // “Object moved to here”  This is the suggested workaround from KB226352

      Response.Buffer = true;


      Response.Status = “302 Object Moved”;

      Response.AddHeader(“Location”, Request.Url.ToString());

      Response.Write(“<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT=”0;URL=” + Request.Url.ToString() + “”>”);







3 thoughts on “Fix for Error 302 Object moved to here with Netscape 4 and Response.Redirect

  1. I have this same problem with Explorer. Can you provide a fix for some old guy only semi literate? It’s an intermintent problem and Microsoft was not able to help. They just said clean up your cookies and temporary files.

    Thanks a bunch,please remember your talking to a Grandpa.

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