Pieces of me

Not to be confused by the trendy song from Ashley Simpson…

The house inspection went well.  There were a couple minor things that were found, but nothing major…. so that looks like it’ll all go through nicely.  When I get done learning a little song that has been on my mind lately, I’ll post some pictures, etc.

Other than that, I spent the majority of the weekend with a friend who will forever own pieces of my heart.  For the first time in what seems like forever (probably closer to a year or two), I enjoyed a smile on my face for long periods of time.  I have to admit that feeling joy like that has been sort of vacant from me for too long, and  I can only hope that it continues… it was a welcomed change.

On a less mushy side of things 🙂  I’m slightly curious what will become of this blog.  I enjoy writing my ramblings, the fact that people actually read this still amazes me, but I don’t think it’ll go the direction I originally thought.  I figured that when I turned 60 or so, I could come back to this, read a couple posts, and laugh at my personality/issues… It seems that there will be so much info, that I’ll probably just get lazy and not do that.  Who knows though… time shall tell.