My life at this moment

I put an offer on a house earlier this week. The seller came back with a counter offer, which I then proceeded to accept. The change in the offer had to do with the seller not leaving a couple appliances and pushing the closing date back about 10 days… Not a big deal. So now, I’m scheduled to meet with an inspector today and run through the house. Apparently this process takes about 3 hours… It should be quite a good learning experience. Provided that goes through without a hitch, the only other obstacle that I foresee is making sure the financing is all set. The closing date is set for October 25th now, and I’ll provide more info as it comes my way.

I have begun to use Google alerts… I saw a link along the bottom of my screen and figured what the hell, I’ll give it a whirl. It’s sort of nice. It basically provides customized search results to gmail. For instance, I put a google alert to notify me (email me) whenever "Geurts" comes up in the news.

I have one other thing on my mind currently. I’m just curious how much it costs to make a penny. It has to be more than the currency is worth. Sort of ironic, I think…