Halloween 2004

It was sort of weird driving to work this morning… First, being the main voting day, I got to see many many people standing in line, to voice their opinions….

Other than that, it seemed that mother nature was all flustered too… I saw a huge amount of geese as I drove to work. The weird thing is that they weren’t flying in their typical v formation. They weren’t even flying in the same direction. It just seemed like little groups where just going where they wanted (random directions). On top of that, for the first time since I’ve worked at Edstrom, it seems as though every worm decided it was time to come out of the ground and play in the parking lot.

Anyway, I took the time and registered for Deeper In .Net 2005. Even though it’s in March, it should be a decent presentation.

This last weekend was a decent time. I dressed up as a kissing booth and it worked better than expected. I posted a couple pictures from one of the cameras that was around that night… If I find more, I’ll put them in the gallery.