FxCop task for NAnt

Hey all… I have been recovering from a recent illness, so I figured I could be somewhat productive while watching tv… I figured that with my recent use of FxCop, it would be nice to have an NAnt task for FxCop.

I read some earlier posts that described some ideas for how to go about this, but it didn’t seem like anyone was actually doing anything. So, rather than re-writing the fxcop project structure, I chose to just wrap the exe. Also, I think this will help with compatibility down the road…

So, if you use FxCop and NAnt, it might be worth giving this task a try.

p.s. There is room for improvement. I was running low on battery power w/ my laptop, so I just pushed the working version to cvs. It would be nice to log a readable error code from FxCop, when it fails.