Dream about a plane

I had a very strange dream about a plane towards the end of December. Specifically, it was the morning of December 31st. I don’t know why it took me so long to post this, but below is the excerpt of what I wrote right after waking up. The dream is pretty weird and involves different points of view.

I had a dream this morning…. it involved me as both an actor and the camera point of view.

It starts with a movie producer attempting to rent/lease a grassy field. The field had what looked to be a flat bulldozed path around the perimeter. There was a local (looked like he was from Deliverance) who owned the field. The local was reluctant to sell/rent the field, but the movie producer then offered him $5m in cash. The point behind the movie producer wanting the field is that it was apparently haunted.

All of a sudden, the time and place changed, and I was in a bedroom with a girl that must have been my sister. [Note, she doesn’t look like my sister.] We are pretty young, I’m guessing around 8-12 years old. Anyway, we were both in our own beds, but were up talking. All of a sudden, we heard a loud noise of a plane flying overhead.

Time flips again, and this is where I became the camera point of view. I witnessed a (rather large) flight attendant try to open the rear exit door. This is while the plane is still in mid air, btw… She screwed up the yellow slide and ended up falling out of the plane. Her body wrapped around the edge of a rear engine…. it wasn’t long, and her body split, causing her legs to go into the engine intake. It was pretty gruesome, but that seemed to be the last straw for the plane. It was headed down.

Time flips back again, and I was back at the house. This time, I was older and my sister was too. She grabbed her camera and headed outside for a picture of the plane. Apparently she wanted to take a picture of it as it passed over a church.

This is sort of weird… while I was dreaming this, I thought that I had had this dream before… Though in my other dream, a father figure drove off to where the plane was coming down. This was so that he could help with the rescue.

Strange though, but I was remembering this while still dreaming the current dream.

Anyway, back to the dream details. So now the time flipped again, and I was an overhead camera looking over the field. Apparently that is where the plane was going to come down. There was a collection of off-road trucks to assist. This is where the plane sort of left the picture, though… instead I focused on the trucks and how they were trying to see who could drive/park on the steepest grade.

Sort of a strange ending, but there you go..