Site Status: Converted To CommunityServer

The majority of the content for the site has been converted from the
old software.  It was less than enjoyable converting the gallery,
but now all seems to be happy.  I lost about 10 pictures between
upgrading the server OS and the site software… Ideally, I would have
liked to have not lost anything, but I can deal with 10… it’s better
than loosing them all 🙂

There are still a few things that bug me about this new setup, so I
hope to address those in the next few days.  To name a few:

All of the blog themes will contain the standard site header. 
Add the Google AdSense ads to the page, again.  (Hey, it’s beer money)
Add a tree control to the photo gallery.  The current category navigation sucks.

I’m not totally happy with the style that I chose to go with, so I
might change this at some point.  I just figured that it was
better to get the site upgraded and out there again.  Anyway, if
you run into any problems, let me know.