Time and Daylight

I have been frustrated with this for some time now… I’m not a big fan
of standard time.  Currently, Wisconsin uses Central Standard Time (GMT +6)
and observes Daylight Saving Time during the summer months. 

If I could have a voice in the matter, I would switch Wisconsin time to
Eastern Standard Time (GMT +5) without DST.  That way, it would be
like CST w/ DST, with no clock changing.  Now, based off a handy table generated by the Naval
, the latest sunrise in the last year for Milwaukee, WI was 7:23am while the earliest sunset was 4:17pm.

Moving to EST w/o DST, the latest sunrise would be 8:23am. The
benefit is that the sunset would
be an hour later (during the winter months) making the earliest sunset
around 5:17pm.  To me, it’s not a huge deal, but I spend my
mornings sleeping and driving to work.  I do most of my activities
in the evening, rather than the morning.

Oh… totally unrelated to this, a new version ( of FlexWiki was released. I have to admit that it is a nice, welcomed upgrade.