Flash of lights (sprites?)

While I was at lunch, today, there was a moment when I saw some flashes
of light.  The most descriptive word that I can associate with
what I saw would probably be sprite.  There were a handful (6-10)
of these sprites for a couple seconds… it was throughout my entire
line of sight, not just peripherals… Basically I would describe them
as little balls of light with tails… they slowly moved in a circular
direction.  I was standing the entire time, so it wasn’t like I
stood up too quickly.

Now, I know what a light flash is… When I was in 8th grade, I got a
minor tear in the retina of one of my eyes.  Occasional light
flares are just something that I’ve learned to deal with.  What I
saw today was not like those occasional light flares or floaters…

Anyway, I just figured that I should document this somewhere… I’ll
keep an eye on this (no pun intended) and see if anything else comes
from it.